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Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovation
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
North Greenbush, NY

Full architectural services provided for Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development to Construction Documents and Construction Administration.  For this project WCGS Architects coordinated with client and consultant team throughout Design Phase to ensure budget / schedule constraints were met. Construction included a 4,000 square foot Data Center with a computational capacity of over 70 Teraflops (70 trillion calculations per second). At construction completion, CCNI ranked as the world’s largest university based Supercomputer Center. The unique design enables visitors the opportunity to feel like they are in the computer room as they enter the building. The supercomputers are featured center stage as the data center’s four foot high raised access floor extends into the reception area.

For this project, like many of WCGS Architects projects the construction Costs were estimated at multiple points along the design process to ensure that budget constraints were met without the need for extensive redesign in later phases. An initial budget estimate was completed with the completion of the SD phase, with subsequent budgets being prepared at end of the DD phase and 95 percent CDs.

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